Broncho – Navigate the airways

Customer: Bronchoscopy Foundation

Bronchoscopy is used worldwide for the diagnosis of pulmonary diseases. In order to use bronchoscopy to its full potential extensive knowledge and skills are required. Knowledge of the bronchial anatomy is crucial to enable physicians to describe the exact location of a lesion and to target a lesion for diagnosis and/or treatment. The Bronchoscopy Foundation is currently a cooperative effort of the School of Respirology at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam (NL) and the Royal Brompton Hospital in London (UK). This foundation is dedicated to increasing the international standard of bronchoscopy by providing state-of-the-art education in the form of hands-on courses, online teaching files and applications for iPhone and iPad. This app provides the user with an overview of bronchial anatomy. With images and videos of a bronchoscopy in a healthy volunteer one can learn anatomy while navigating the airways. An additional tab shows the bronchial anatomy on CT scan. This app can be used by students to learn anatomy and by professionals to prepare a procedure.

Explanation of abbreviations:
B= bronchus (e.g. RB1= Right Bronchus 1)
C= carina (e.g. MC= Main Carina, LC1= Left Carina 1)

For more information see and Additional apps of the Bronchoscopy Foundation are in preparation.