(Citizen) science projects

  • Monocle:Measuring air/water quality (EU H2020)
  • iSPEX: Measure aerosols with a spectropolarimeter and an iPhone (Leiden University)
  • Dark Sky Meter: App to measure light pollution
  • Zicht op Licht: How do people experience darkness? Opthalmology app (UMCG)
  • Arctic March: App to take atmospheric measurements on the North Pole (RIVM)
  • Occultation: Determine the characteristics of a small planetary body with smartphones (DDQ)
  • Transit of Venus: Measure the distance between Sun and Earth (Astronomers without Borders)

DDQ Labs

  • Oxfam Datalab: Creating useful apps and backends for social and agricultural development
  • Labchain: Fully decentralised exchange of laboratory results