Citizen science with smartphones

Here is an overview of our current and past projects.

  • Oxfam Datalab: Creating useful apps and backends for social and economic development.
  • Monocle:EU H2020 research / citizen science project, optical monitoring of coastal waters, lakes and estuaries.
  • Dark Sky Meter: Measure light pollution from the ground (DDQ)
  • Zicht op Licht (2016): How do people experience darkness? Opthalmology app (UMCG)
  • Arctic March (2015): App to take atmospheric measurements on the North Pole (RIVM)
  • iSPEX (2013): Measure aerosols with a spectropolarimeter and an iPhone (Leiden University)
  • Occultation (2013): Determine the characteristics of a small planetary body with smartphones (DDQ)
  • Transit of Venus (2012): Measure the distance between Sun and Earth (Astronomers without Borders)
  • Turnkey citizen science projects

    We can deliver the full citizen science package if needed. Project management, database hosting, extraction, conversion and analysis. Powerful dashboards and map integration. App and website development. Public outreach campaigns end user support, hosting and full documentation. Our services were even mentioned in Nature!

    Medical software

    Here is an overview of our medical projects.

  • Labchain: Connecting hospital laboratories using Ethereum blockchain on small computers.
  • Processing of anticoagulant prescriptions. Almost 1 million records / year
  • Broncho/TBNA: Apps for VU medical center and school of respirology.
  • Acute patient: CE marked decision support app for acute medicine (MC Slotervaart).
  • Pneumonia app: CE marked Pneumonia severity calculator (DDQ/Pfizer)
  • Werkafspraken urologie app: (DDQ/Amgen)
  • Labtracker: Blood analyt predictor over time (MUMC)
  • Predict cancer: Cancer prediction models multiplatform (Maastro Clinic)
  • We co-create with specialists

    We are quite familiar with cure and care. We have also pioneered with certifications on medical devices. We listen, get involved and aim to put cutting edge technology at your fingertips to make healthcare better. You stay in charge.

    New technology labs

    Some of our current developments:

  • Digital Diversity Wheel: app and backend for seed optimalisation in developing countries (w. Oxfam Novib)
  • Rapberry Pi full blockchain nodes with peripherals
  • Smartphone based spectro / optometry experiments
  • REST/JSON based databases and interfaces
  • Decentralized apps, filesharing and encryption using biometry
  • We are geeks and early adopters

    But we don't like hypes. A lot of our time is spent figuring out new technologies and devices (joy!). We love integrating them. Currently we are working on LORA sniffers, Raspberry Pi modifications and Bluetooth LE sensors.