We are DDQ. We create and deliver innovative products and services for almost every mobile platform, everywhere. From the Arctics to Zimbabwe.

Citizen science products and services

DDQ develops sensor based (citizen-) science applications with research partners worldwide. We know the capabilities of citizens using smartphones, internal and external sensors. Our apps and services are featured on the BBC TV, CBS News, Nature and Scientific American.

Flexible back ends, data services and databases

We provide tailor made, flexible and fast smartphone back ends to facilitate mobile cloud computing, machine learning, user notifications, storage and offline synchronisation for working in remote areas.

Public outreach and education

We share our citizen science knowledge, teach children how to code, talk at TedX and tell everyone about our exciting work.

European Open Science Cloud Provider

DDQ B.V. is an EOSC provider. Our intelligent services are hosted on the EGI High Performance Infrastructure.

Currently working on

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MOBIS service and MOBIS apps
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Monocle H2020 1

Water and air quality sensor software development
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Leiden University

iSPEX, Dark Sky Meter IAU, Seeing Stars Leiden
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Bioclock Consortium

Measure light at night with universal app
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Dutch Black Hole Consortium

Citizen science platform

These projects have received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 8634631 and 7764802

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